Some advice to make your dolphin trip in Martinique a success

04/08/2021 0 By Leslie

Feel like hopping aboard a skiff for a dolphin watch trip? Indeed, just the thought of it is enough to make one dreamy. Gazing at dolphins swimming inches away from you is an unbelievable experience you won’t soon forget. Thought you knew everything you needed to know about these super smart cetaceans? Think again. Meeting with those elegant fascinating creatures is a powerful experience that leaves no one indifferent. With Beyondthebeach, sail the seas of La Martinique to finally meet with these mystical, infatuated mammals. But what exactly does a Dolphin trip consist in? How exactly are you supposed to make this trip a success? We provide you with all the answers to these questions in the following article, so don’t miss out!


The dolphin is a sea mammal that belongs to the order Cetacea. Of all the sea creatures, it’s probably the most fascinating to study. Indeed, since its discovery thousands of years ago, the dolphin has been the focus of various studies. The more discoveries, the more fascinating this creature has been getting. Smart, sociable, joyful, athletic, the dolphin bears a few unique traits for a sea creature. To this day, it is still considered the smartest cetacean in the world.

Without a doubt, the most fascinating aspect of the dolphin’s unique personality is his outstanding sociability. As you’ve probably seen from the documentaries dedicated to it, the dolphin is quite friendly to humans. Quite comfortable with being approached and petted, it can even surprise you with a heart-warming affection. The dolphin also gets friendly with children, usually showing signs of sympathy devoid of any fear of harm. However, don’t mistake the dolphin for a naive creature.

Indeed, the dolphin relies on his strong senses to detect any danger and act accordingly. Even though hunting of this species has been banned, the dolphin to this day still falls prey to man. These ever-going hunts compelled the dolphin into developing strong survival skills. Fleeing is then a valid possibility when needed. However, despite all these threats and harms aimed at it, the dolphin knows how to differentiate the hunter from the man of peace. Fascinating, isn’t it?


The dolphin has been part of mankind’s history since immemorial times. Indeed, however far we go back in time, the dolphin has always sparked fascination. Sometimes a wizard, sometimes a lucky charm of old, demigod of the seas, the dolphin’s rich imagery is a testimony to the particular attention we graced him with. Throughout history and at the dawn of our burgeoning century, these cetaceans remain a major area of interest for the scientists.

We trace the first appearances of the dolphins all the way BC, in Ancient Greece. indeed, it appears the Greeks graced the sea mammal with a unique endearing attention. We find them depicted on murals, mosaics and coins. In the renowned saga of Odysseus, the Odyssey, the dolphin is depicted by Homer as a joyful and clowning creature. The epic tale also mentioned the dolphin to be the favourite animal of Poseidon, god and ruler of the seas.

Their importance in culture and art in general is a testimony to the vivid interest man has had for the dolphin. The dolphin has also been used for military purposes. As a matter of fact, the US Army quickly realized the mammal could be tamed to carry out a wide array of tasks. Undoubtedly, the dolphin has continuously aroused man’s admiration with its exceptional intelligence.


Martinique is one of the most sought-after travel destination. Warm and exotic, the island of flowers charms tourists thanks to its turquoises seas and its bright sunshine. Its geographic position bestows it with great assets. As a matter of fact, Martinique has abundant and diverse fauna and flora, thanks to being positioned in the middle of the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles Archipelago. However, its seabed and all the marine life it shelters are crucial in defining Martinique as unique.

Indeed, the sea of Martinique is home to a large diversity of fishes and mysterious marine creatures, among which the dolphin. And if you think it’s just one type of dolphin, think again! There are many types of dolphin in the waters of Martinique, with each one of them being worth the sight. And the sight of those wild mammals is precisely the reason we suggest you join us on a traditional skiff trip. In the company of David, our passionate and experienced captain, sail forth to meet the dolphins of your dreams.

You will then have the opportunity to observe these famous spinner dolphins measuring up to 2 meters long. These roam the seas in groups of up to 300 individuals! Meet the dolphins of the Indo-Pacific regions that can reach lengths up to 2,8 meters. These can be very playful with divers. With a any luck, you might even be fortunate enough to meet with the “Tursiops Truncatus” that can reach lengths of 4 meters! Don’t let this 500-kilo heavyweight impress you, he’s a real sweetheart.


Departures for the dolphin trips with Beyondthebeach is in the morning. The meeting is scheduled at 8AM in the Marina of La Pointe du Bout. Hop aboard a traditional, modern and stable skiff and start sailing the seas of Martinique. We assure you there’s nothing like the early morning coolness to fully enjoy the magnificent ocean of Martinique. But this is not the only reason we depart early. As a matter of fact, sailing early in the morning will give you more chances of sighting dolphins.

Alongside David, a passionate and experienced captain, sail the bay of Fort de France. You will then start heading towards the Northern Caribbean in search of the dolphins. Upon reaching your next stop, it won’t be long before you spot these famous creatures springing from the bottom of the sea. Furthermore, you’ll even have the opportunity to spot other cetaceans. Take the opportunity to learn more about the other mammals populating the sea of Martinique with David’s commentaries.

By then, you will be going on a dive on our coral reefs, swimming among the dolphins. Masks and snorkels are provided aboard. Later that day, a cocktail consisting of drinks and snacks will be proposed to you before returning to the Marina around 12AM.

If you’re tempted by the adventure, feel free to contact us. You may book your experience on, the specialist for an unforgettable marine experience!