Activities in Martinique: Our Top Picks for a Successful Vacation!

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It’s no longer much of a secret: Martinique is one of the best places to spend an amazing vacation at an affordable cost. Here, you’ll find everything that will make your holiday unforgettable: breathtaking landscapes, fun activities to enjoy with family or friends, historic sites to visit, and more. Whether you’re already in Martinique or planning your vacation here, you and your partner or family might be wondering which activities to enjoy to make your stay pleasant. Here are four activities in Martinique that are highly appreciated by tourists visiting our island: a Sailing Day at the Îlets du Robert, an Authentic Northern Circuit, a Romantic Dinner, and an Overnight Stay Under the Stars.

Sailing Day at the Îlets du Robert

The Îlets du Robert are among the most stunning places in Martinique. Trust me, if you don’t visit them, you’ll regret it, especially if you love sea trips and history! Le Robert, like all towns on our island, has its own unique history. Once home to the Carib Indians, it was colonized by the French from the late 17th century. The cultivation of sugar cane and the development of sugar production made it very significant in the 17th century, before the sugar crisis at the beginning of the 20th century.

This rich history makes Le Robert a true tourist destination where you can have incredible experiences. The Sailing Day offered by Beyond the Beach allows you to discover Îlet Madame and Îlet Chancel, two of the ten islets that make up the bay of Le Robert. Aboard a comfortable sailboat, a professional skipper will guide you through this adventure.

At Îlet Madame, you can enjoy a swim and discover the islet’s white sandbanks and its diverse marine life, including coral fish, sea cucumbers, starfish, and more. On Îlet Chancel, you will encounter a colony of iguanas and explore some remnants of the islet’s past. During the excursion, you will have two breaks for lunch and a snack.

Authentic Northern Circuit

The Authentic Northern Circuit is one of the most enriching excursions in Martinique, offering a journey through various historical sites aboard an air-conditioned 18-seat public transport vehicle.You will discover various historical sites on the island. The tour consists of several stops. The first stop at the Neisson Rum Distillery will allow you to learn about the rum-making process. It will be an opportunity for you to taste your favorite drink and take a bottle home, not only for enjoyment but also as a souvenir.

After visiting Neisson Rum, you will make a stop at the black sand beach of Carbet before continuing your excursion. Here, you can relax while admiring the calm sea with transparent waters. You can even take a swim to refresh yourself. Afterward, you will head towards the ruins of Saint-Pierre.

Saint-Pierre is a commune in Martinique steeped in history. Founded in 1635 by Pierre Belain d’Esnambuc, this city has seen many significant events. For instance, it was a hub for the slave trade. Destroyed by a volcano in the early 20th century, it was partially rebuilt, but you can still visit some of its ruins. After this stop, you will discover the Saut du Gendarme waterfall, one of the magnificent locations in Martinique. Next, you will visit the Alma River where you can admire lush tropical forests. Along this route, you’ll also discover the Sacré-Cœur Church in Balata, a replica of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre, Paris.

Sunset Boat Trip

When on vacation with your partner, group activities are great, but the most unforgettable moments are those spent together. After all, isn’t that what vacations are for? If you’re in Martinique with your significant other, note that many providers offer services to help you create magical moments as a couple. Among these providers are Caro and Marco, offering one of the most attractive services tailored for couples.

What does the offer include? Caro and Marco offer boarding on a boat for a sea cruise. Boarding usually starts at 3 PM at Anse à l’Âne dock, in Trois-Îlets. The goal is to enjoy each sunset, so the cruise lasts throughout the afternoon (returning around 6:30 PM). During the cruise, you’ll enjoy a tasting and champagne, making the experience truly unique. You can also take a refreshing swim before returning to the dock.

Romantic Lunch on a Private Beach

Another offering from Caro and Marco is the romantic lunch, and I can assure you it’s one of the most incredible experiences for couples on the island. In fact, I myself have known a couple of tourists—Jules and Camille—who, during their visit to Martinique, enjoyed this service. Throughout their stay with us, they couldn’t stop praising the Martinican couple. And it’s not hard to see why.

As the title suggests, Caro and Marco invite you to experience a dreamy lunch on an intimate beach. They set up a spacious tent to create an incredibly magical setting that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The day starts at 10 AM at the pontoon in the village of Trois-Îlets. You’ll enjoy a boat ride in the Trois-Îlets – Anses d’Arlet area with a swimming stop. Around 12 PM, you’ll arrive at the beach where your setup awaits, and Caro welcomes you. She greets you with sweet and savory flavors. An appetizer is served, followed by a pre-selected gourmet lunch. After lunch, Caro and Marco discreetly leave you to enjoy an intimate moment by yourselves, serenaded by the sound of the waves. Around 3 PM, it will be time to leave this little piece of paradise aboard the boat.

Believe me, this program will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation!

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

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