Discover Martinique Differently with Beyond The Beach

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Want to experience Martinique in a unique way? It’s possible with the excursions offered by Beyond the Beach. Read on to learn more!

Discover Martinique by Van

To explore Martinique by van, there’s nothing better than opting for an air-conditioned car with a driver. You can also have a guide at your disposal. Together, we will create an itinerary featuring must-see sites. Additionally, if you want to experience Martinican cuisine, we will recommend some great restaurants.

The vehicle will be fully air-conditioned, which is certainly an advantage in the intense heat of Martinique. Moreover, our van will be comfortable and well-suited for the tours you wish to take. Whether you’re in Martinique for a vacation or celebrating a special occasion, our private excursion offers a pleasurable, stress-free escape. The itinerary will be tailored to your preferences. You can visit the cities that interest you most and see the historical monuments that matter to you. In an air-conditioned van, visit Fort-de-France, Robert, and other well-known cities on our island.

This excursion is available both day and night, so you don’t have a set time to return. You can extend your outings late into the evening if you wish. Indeed, if you’re in Martinique for a vacation, you should make the most of it. Additionally, you can choose this private van excursion with Beyond the Beach whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, with family, or in a group. If desired, we also provide alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, we can accommodate people with reduced mobility with an adapted vehicle.

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Embark on an Authentic Adventure in Southern Martinique

To discover Martinique off the beaten path, trust Beyond the Beach for an unforgettable experience. How about exploring the southern part of the island? This tour offers a chance to admire 6 unique and culturally rich locations that are part of Martinique’s heritage. Throughout the day, discover places blending art, history, architecture, culture, and natural beauty. This excursion is ideal for any tourist eager to learn more about our “Island of Flowers” and promises breathtaking landscapes.

Firstly, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the pottery village of Trois-Ilets, a must-see with its former Jesuit Monastery. Don’t miss the fishing village of Anses d’Arlet nestled in a cove, where you can enjoy its beautiful white sand beach and visit its church facing the sea. Take the chance to swim among colorful fish and maybe even encounter sea turtles! During this outing, you’ll also visit Diamond Rock and the Cap 110 Memorial, erected in memory of slavery, offering a poignant look into Martinique’s painful past.

Next, explore a local market before concluding this beautiful excursion at a distillery where you can learn about different types of rum. Travel comfortably in an air-conditioned van or bus with a driver, ensuring you enjoy both the vehicle’s comfort and the exploration of Martinique’s stunning locales. We also provide masks and snorkels for you to explore the richness of our marine flora and fauna.

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Discover Martinique Differently with Beyond the Beach

If you want to explore Martinique by car, we offer excursions you won’t want to miss. But that’s not all! Beyond the Beach organizes numerous sea and land excursions in Martinique. You’re sure to find something to make your vacation magical and unique on our “Island of Flowers”. With Beyond the Beach, you can enjoy kayak tours, boat and catamaran trips, as well as rides in tuk-tuks, Porsches, or vans. Many options are available on our website, and we invite you to explore them.

If you’re looking to explore Martinique off the beaten path, contact Beyond the Beach!

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

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