Boat day with BBQ

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If you wish to spend the day on water with your family, enjoying the sun and a barbecue. We got exactly what you need!

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Wanna live an unforgettable adventure aboard a BBQ boat in Martinique and share grilled food while having your feet in the water?

A BBQ Donut Boat can be navigated without license and can take up to 10 people. It holds its name by its specific form. It allows you to navigate through the white sand bottoms of Martinique!

Spend the day (from 9 AM to 4 PM) on water by privatizing your boat without license. Embark with family or friends and go explore the islets, the white sand bottoms or even more, the white sand beaches. Upon your arrival, we will give you a little training on how to control the donut boat, then you are off!

A day you’ll never forget!

You will prepare your BBQ on water while unwinding!

The offer includes: a full menu (starter, marinated meat and desert) for €15 per person. You can bring a cooler with drinks. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we have some at your disposal!

/Full menu/

Starter: crudités salad

Main course: marinated chicken and sausages with rice (or local gratin for 3€ more per person)

Desert: blanc manger coco or a fruit salad


  • Price: 470 for 8 people and 15 per additional person until 10 people
    • Included: The boat, the BBQ (coal and ustensils) and a Ti punch as a welcome drink!
    • Options on the spot: Cooler offered, ice to buy (3€ for 5kg), drinks, champagne
    • What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, solar protection, drinks if needed, camera and a deposit of 700€
  • Schedule: From 9am to 4pm, available every day
  • Location: Marina du Marin or Anses d’Arlet Beach

***You will be asked a deposit of 700€ cash or credit card before boarding*** If You return on time and the boat is not damaged your deposit will be given back to you.


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