Romantic diner on a boat

Surprise your partner for a special event or just to celebrate your love by sharing a romantic diner on the water! Enjoy a beautiful night among the stars on a boat with LED lights and music!

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Have you ever wondered what would be the perfect gift for your partner to express your love and affection? We have the solution! What about a great escape on the water during night time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the shore with a tasty diner? Our Donut Boat is made to navigate slowly on the waters of southern Martinique! The boat is equipped with LED lights and music connected to your phone for a greater experience! On the central spot of the boat will be included an igloo for you to bring your favourite drinks!

Menu: Burger (choice among 6 different burgers) or salad (choice among 4 different salads) with a soft drink (soda, juice). Choice of burgers: BACON / CHEESE / CHICKEN / VEGETARIAN / GOAT CHEESE / FISH AND CHIPS Choice of Salads: Ceasar Salad / Goat Cheese Salad / Fresh Salad / Saoufé Salad


  • Price: 210€
    • Included: The Donut Boat rental, the menu for 2 people
  • Localisation: Le Marin
  • Availability: From Sunday to Thursday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Friday & Saturday : From 7pm to 10pm .
  • Possibility to extend the offer to midnight (1hour/60€ – 2hours/ 100€).
  • What to bring:
    • Deposit of 700€ cash or credit card – You will be asked a deposit of 700€ cash or credit card before boarding, if you return on time and the boat is not damaged your deposit will be given back to you,
    • drinks if you need,
    • swimsuit and towel.


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