Kayak in Martinique : the best way to discover the island

04/08/2021 Off By Leslie

You are planning to visit Martinique soon and the idea of doing some kayak tempts you? Want to discover the riches of Martinique in an original way and to live intense sensations? The ocean Martinique fascinates and you want to live unforgettable experiences? Well, that’s good, because at beyonddebeach.fr, we propose to you a whole set of activities to be done outdoors, in the ocean! With our specialists, you will go kayaking, discover the traditional yole or simply go out at sea by boat. A lot of activities that reserve you a maximum of emotions and that we propose you to discover today.

Kayaking in Martinique: the most exotic experience you will ever live

Why is the Martinique island one of the most visited destinations in the world? For a lot of reasons. But especially because it’s an exotic island that offers lush greenery and a beautiful ocean. And it is precisely this ocean that we invite you to discover together. With our martinican specialists who know the island as their pockets, embark on unforgettable adventures. Our various marine activities offer you particularly intense emotions, you are warned!

And we take advantage of the fact that you are in Martinique to help you realize your dream: kayaking. Indeed, nothing like kayaking to discover Martinique and its ocean in the most original way. With our specialist, discover the island, the famous mangrove and its white funds. So many places in Martinique that reserve you your daily dose of emotion. In the middle of the ocean with your kayak, let yourself be overwhelmed by the bewitching beauty of Martinique.The kayak trip starts at 9 am. Time exchange some words with your experienced guide and you’re already in the middle of the ocean inside your kayak. Thanks to your paddles, you are ready to discover the islets, mangroves, white bottoms and the paradisiacal beaches of Martinic. Awakened by the coffee / tea that we serve you early in the morning, you will be in excellent shape to enjoy this magical moment. Nostalgia and blues guaranteed when you return to the mainland…

Kayak outings : the specialty of martiniqueexcursion.com !

At beyondthebeach.com, we offer different types of kayak outings. Our trips are developed by a team of martinican specialists in order to meet your expectations. Whether you are alone or with your family, you are sure to have a memorable time. For your safety, you will be accompanied by an experienced kayaker equipped with the right equipment. If you are with your child, you have to know that everything has been designed to ensure his safety too.

Our kayak trips start at 9 am on the beach where the kayaks are laid. The time you stroll a little on the beach and here is your guide who comes to greet you. He gives you a sealed case so you can carry your personal belongings, and your snack. Tea and coffee will be served to you before you leave. It’s very important to be in a good shape before going to the sea with your kayak!It is strongly recommended that you put a camera in your airtight box. Indeed, your Kayak experience offers you you a masterful tour around Martinique. It would be a shame if you did not immortalize those moments, right? Once you’re back, as soon as you recover from your emotions, a snack based on cakes, juices and liqueurs martiniquais will be offered to you. You will be able to take a shower and use our well equipped locker rooms.

Why it’s a must to go kayaking in Martinique?

Simply because Martinique is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Its ocean is breathtaking beautiful, and we do not need to mention the richness of its aquatic fauna. On board on your kayak, you will be able to see active beautiful dolphins and rare marine species. You’ll make a tour in Martinique Mangrove with its entangled lianas and tropical greenery. Our guide will take you to the most beautiful beaches that surround the island but also the ones that are a little further.

The chance will be given to you to visit Ilot Chancel, renowned worldwide for its majestic ruins and fascinating iguanas. Do not be frightened by migratory and marine birds like the Eagle Fisher that you will be able to see. So many birds and endangered marine species that live in thousands in this island. With your kayak, you will be able to cross it from end to end, taking advantage of the information given by your guide.Your Kayak experience also reserves you a passage through the famous white backgrounds of Martinique. These are unique beaches in Martinique where the sea is very shallow for several hundred meters around. Indeed, the bottom of sand will be a few inches under your kayak. You will even be able to walk around the white backgrounds and enjoy a magnificent panorama!

Other activities to do in the sea with martiniqueexcursion.com 

At beyondthebeach.com, our priority is your satisfaction. For this reason, all the activities we propose to you are done with professionals and specialists from the island. Whether on land or sea, we want you to enjoy unforgettable experiences. If you want to reserve your seats for our marine activities, do not hesitate to register and consult the rest of our offers.

In addition to all the activities we’ve talked about, we offer you a whole host of other memorable experiences to live. Among other things, romantic dinners under a starry sky on an island accessible only by boat. To discover the Diamond Rock or to visit these thousands of dolphins who live around the island. Individual outings with meals and massages are also part of our activities.

We hope this article has made you want to participate in our activities. Do not hesitate to register to reserve your place. If you have any questions, please ask them through our phone, email address or directly on our web-site. See you soon on martiniqueexcursion.com!