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Martinique is a fascinating island, an ideal destination for unforgettable vacations. Discovering the island by boat is a must-do attraction; it’s practically inconceivable to visit Martinique without taking at least one boat trip. The “fonds blancs,” unique underwater sandbanks, are waiting to be explored. Coral reefs, fish, turtles, and dolphins all invite you to the sea! If you’re passionate about nature and history, the islets are full of unusual curiosities worth visiting.

Whether on the Caribbean side or the Atlantic side, boat excursions attract a significant daily traffic of both foreign and local visitors. But before committing, it’s best to know everything about our boat tour offerings. Here’s everything you need to know about boat excursions in Martinique.

A Rich and Relaxed Sightseeing Program

The content and itineraries of your excursion matter greatly. Typically, you have the circuit of islets (Le Robert, Le François), dolphin watching (Marina de la Pointe du Bout), snorkeling with guided hikes, exploration of “fonds blancs” (Îlet Madame), and kayak outings (islets of Le Robert). For private outings, you can sail on calm seas to experience a paradisiacal sunset. During a boat ride, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage while discovering authentic Caribbean cuisine.

For couples, enhance your romantic moments with fairy-tale settings. Around a sunset, during a romantic dinner, or under the stars, immerse yourselves in the magic of our island to elevate your moments together. The packages may vary, but you will always have the flexibility to tailor your program to your preferences. Whether solo, as a couple, or in a group, you can endlessly combine sea, land, and exoticism. Take the time to soak in what you discover; a tight schedule can turn a leisurely stroll into a rush!

Yole or Motorboat: Choose According to Your Expectations

I recommend exploring the island by boat through three outings with a picnic: “La Baie de Robert” with its ten islets and “La Baignoire de Joséphine.” Then head to “Baie de Sainte Anne” and be captivated by the paradise-like seabeds around “Rocher Diamant.” You can conclude with a special dolphin show program at Marina de la Pointe du Bout, tracing the paths of dolphin colonies.

If you’re a sailing enthusiast, you’ll find traditional sailboats available for rent. The yole is a typical sailboat that carries a piece of Martinique’s history within it. However, more commonly, you’ll be offered tours in motorboats or catamarans. The choice of boat is crucial. Its size determines interior comfort, and its power ensures safety. While the proposed circuits are generally smooth, these considerations are paramount.

Aside from ecological considerations, motorboats are the best way to venture out to sea. Some boats are more comfortable than others. Opt for a covered boat, especially for longer journeys. To make an informed choice, read visitor reviews and book early. During peak seasons, availability of boats can be limited. 

Optimize Your “Nature and Taste” Experience in a Small Group!

For a boat ride, the number of participants also matters. Being in a group is beneficial for such activities unless you opt for romantic experiences. Group outings, whether with family or friends, are livelier and emotions can be shared. However, a too-large group may give your visit an impersonal feel.

Next, the choice of location for meals can add romance and exoticism to your outing. Lunch on board is convenient, but how about a picnic on one of the many beaches you visit? Changing settings enriches your excursion. As for the menu, indulge in local specialties like Planteur, Ti Punch, Acras, and traditional Creole dishes. It’s a chance to savor centuries-old Antillean cuisine.

Since you’re by the sea, include a delicious seafood recipe in your menu! Lobsters, shrimp, and fish will enhance your picnic experience. Make the most of your boat tour in Martinique and leave with memories of unforgettable moments.

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

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