White seabeds in Martinique: How to make the most of them?

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If you plan to spend your vacation in Martinique, be sure to include a visit to the white seabeds among your activities. Indeed, you cannot visit us without exploring these places. They are one of the wonders of our island. This article is intended to inform you on how to make the most of them.

What is a white seabed and where can it be found in Martinique?

By white seabeds, we mean underwater areas where the sea is shallow, and the sand is white. As mentioned in our introduction, these places are real attractions in Martinique. Tourists visit them with their families to play and enjoy the beauty of the sites. The white seabeds indeed present a unique landscape. They give the water magnificent colors ranging from dark blue to pastel blue and emerald. They are the perfect place to take beautiful vacation photos. You can find them in various locations on the southern Atlantic coast, near Sainte-Anne or Robert.

However, it is important to note that two white seabeds are particularly appreciated by tourists: the one at François and the one at Robert. The white seabed at François, known as “Baignoire de Joséphine” (Josephine’s Bath), is literally the most famous. It is located about 2 km from the coast of François between Oscar Islet and Thierry Islet. It is named after Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie, the wife of Napoleon I. According to legend, the woman also known as Joséphine de Beauharnais used to regularly bathe at this spot.

The white seabed at Robert is just as beautiful as the one at François. However, it doesn’t receive as much publicity as the Baignoire de Joséphine. Here, you can enjoy quieter and more peaceful moments.

Embark on Patricia’s yole.

You may have already understood that Martinique is a well-known tourist destination. Every year, it welcomes hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Because of this, tourism activities are highly developed. You will find various service providers offering all kinds of tourism-related services: excursions, night outings, recreational activities…

Among these service providers are those you can find on the Beyond The Beach platform. They are Martinican men and women working in tourism and known for the quality of services they offer. Patricia is one of them. Thanks to the service she provides, she will allow you to embark on a unique excursion to enjoy the white seabeds mentioned above.

Indeed, for an exceptional experience, you should visit aboard a light watercraft. We’re talking about vessels like a catamaran, a sailboat, or a yole. It’s precisely the latter that Patricia offers with her excursion to explore François and Vauclin. During a half-day trip, she takes you on a true cruise with four stops. At each one, you can admire the white seabeds along the windward coast, including Josephine’s Bathtub and Vauclin Beach.

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Choosing the right time to visit the white seabeds

As you just read, Patricia’s cruise offers a half-day excursion, giving you the option to choose between morning or afternoon sessions. If you opt for the morning, you depart at 9 AM and return by 1 PM. For the afternoon session, departure is at 1:30 PM with return scheduled for 5:30 PM. However, don’t choose randomly. As you may know, the experience is better when there are fewer people around or when you have the boat to yourself. You’ll feel more comfortable and can fully enjoy the tranquility for ultimate relaxation.

Unfortunately, during peak tourist seasons or weekends, the white seabeds are crowded with many people. A site like Josephine’s Bathtub can be quite challenging to access during high season, as it experiences significant crowds. Therefore, it’s best to plan your vacation during the shoulder season. This way, you can have a better chance of choosing a day when there are fewer people around.

However, if you’re constrained to book your vacation during the high season, it’s not a big issue. You can still enjoy the white seabeds where there is less crowd. In fact, these spots are sometimes preferable because they are less degraded compared to heavily trafficked areas. Additionally, regardless of the season, it’s always better to avoid weekends. Also, note that the earlier or later you go, the more you can fully enjoy the white seabeds.

Discover the marine life of the white seabeds!

As you may already suspect, exploring the white seabeds isn’t just about observing from your yole. It wouldn’t truly be an exploration of “seabeds” if that were the case. Your cruise with Patricia will therefore give you the opportunity to see firsthand what lies beneath the sea.

For this purpose, Patricia provides masks and snorkels for you to use. At each of the stops you make, you can put them on and discover the beauty of the underwater ecosystem. You’ll have the chance to encounter corals, starfish, and tropical fish that inhabit our seabeds. You may also explore mangroves and other plant life on our island during the excursion.

The locations are protected and safe for children. If you’re visiting with your family and have children with you, you don’t need to worry at all. Moreover, the entire cruise is conducted under the guidance of a knowledgeable leader, ensuring your safety throughout. After your swimming session, you’ll be offered refreshments such as fruit juice, coconut water, or a traditional Martinican cocktail known as “planteur.”

Satisfaction is guaranteed. It goes without saying to bring your camera to capture these moments forever. With photographic proof, you’ll be able to tell your friends that your vacation was truly paradise!

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

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