Sargassum in Martinique: A Reliable Way to Avoid Them

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You’re planning a trip to Martinique and looking forward to enjoying the beautiful beaches on our island. Unfortunately, you’ve heard about sargassum in Martinique—those brown seaweeds—that sometimes invade our beaches, and you’re worried about your vacation being spoiled by this occurrence. Don’t worry, because firstly, they’re not always present, and secondly, they don’t affect all our beaches. However, it’s wise to plan your stay accordingly. That’s the purpose of this article: to inform you on how to avoid sargassum in Martinique so you can fully enjoy your trip!

Sargassum in Martinique: Where do they come from?

Sargassum are aquatic organisms, also known as brown algae. They come from the Sargasso Sea, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Since 2011, they have been drifting in large quantities onto the beaches of the Caribbean islands. But what explains this phenomenon of beaching?

The explanation is still not fully understood and continues to be the subject of several studies. However, it could be attributed to various factors. Sargassum are indeed also present in the Gulf of Mexico. Driven by ocean currents, they drift into the Atlantic Ocean where they encounter different currents. The algae gather into large masses and float on the water’s surface. With eddies, storms, hurricanes, or tropical depressions, portions of these algae masses break off. These volumes, varying in size, then wash up on the shores of the Caribbean islands, particularly on the Atlantic coasts.

Furthermore, some scientists also suggest a potential link with deforestation. It has been observed that sargassum originate from the mouth of the Amazon River, which provides favorable conditions for their growth. However, extensive deforestation in the Amazon and warming waters have further facilitated their proliferation. This significant quantity of algae then drifts into the Atlantic Ocean with ocean currents.

Once they wash up in large quantities on our Caribbean beaches, these sargassum will decompose and release hydrogen sulfide, which is hazardous to health. They emit this gas as they dry, and the smell resembles that of rotten eggs. However, once dried out, they are harmless. What can be done to avoid them, then?

There are many beaches without sargassum!

Avoiding sargassum and fully enjoying your vacation is possible! There is indeed a map detailing beaches affected by sargassum wash-ups, showing which ones are more or less impacted. This map is regularly updated by the DEAL (Direction of Environment, Planning, and Housing).

It is the services of the “DEAL” who conduct daily monitoring of the potential arrival of sargassum. It’s important to note that the massive arrival of brown algae is irregular and varies from year to year. Furthermore, when a beach is contaminated with brown algae, it will be promptly closed by the Martinique authorities for cleaning purposes.

Moreover, there are many beaches in Martinique that are not affected by sargassum. Therefore, nothing stops you from exploring our beautiful coastal areas with their diverse flora and fauna. During your vacation, you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze and our beaches. You can swim, snorkel, and take walks along the shore. All of this is possible because many beaches remain clean throughout the year and are not affected by the arrival of sargassum.

What is the reliable way to avoid sargassum?

To enjoy our beautiful beaches, there’s nothing better than trusting the Martinican captains of Beyond the Beach! They will be delighted to take you to the hidden gems of our island. With their expert knowledge of the beaches, they can easily guide you away from any potential sargassum.

Beyond the Beach also offers numerous boat excursions. Are you interested in a romantic outing to declare your love or enjoy a magical moment together? Step aboard with Marco for a nighttime boat ride! You’ll dream together and have an unforgettable time savoring local treats with champagne. Alternatively, escape for an entire night, starting with a sunset boat trip. Marco will take you to a secluded beach for a romantic dinner! Return the next morning relaxed and refreshed, with memories to cherish forever!

Or perhaps you’re more inclined towards active outings? Why not embark on a sailing trip to the “îlets du Robert”? Our captains are experts and will ensure you have a fun-filled day of exploration without encountering any sargassum.

Excursions to Trois-Ilets and Anses d’Arlets provide opportunities to avoid beaches affected by sargassum.

In Trois-Ilets and Anses d’Arlets, there are no sargassum. Here, you can still enjoy splendid views, beautiful beaches, and marine flora and fauna. Consider a snorkeling day at Anses d’Arlets to discover breathtaking underwater landscapes.

Furthermore, Beyond the Beach also offers excursions to explore magnificent places accessible only by boat. You’ll be completely immersed in a new environment! Marco will guide you along the Caribbean South Coast, visiting the Bat Cave and the small islet of Trois-Ilets. You can swim in pure, azure waters with white sandy beaches, including spots like Petite Anse, Anse Dufour, and Anse Noire.

Martinique is rich in paradisiacal corners and boasts numerous beaches, making it the perfect opportunity to explore some of them. Whether you want to see dolphins, go kayaking, sailing, or yole rowing, there’s something for everyone! You can choose from half-day, full-day, or overnight excursions. Pick the boat trip that will make your dreams come true!

Doing activities away from sargassum

Contact us via email at or via WhatsApp at +596 696 98 60 29 to verify if your selected activities will be affected by sargassum. However, please note that if algae are present at an impacted spot, the activity will be relocated or adjusted.

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