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Hiking in Martinique: Don’t risk being disappointed!

07/10/2024 Off By Nathalie de Beyond the Beach

Would you like to go hiking in Martinique? Why not take advantage of your stay on our island of flowers? It would be an opportunity to discover Martinican specialties, as well as the unique flora and fauna of Martinique. In this article, you will find a selection of hikes suitable for both adults and children, whether you’re alone or with others. Let’s dive into the adventure, fun, and breathtaking landscapes that Martinique has to offer!

Hiking on the Caravelle Peninsula: Discover one of the most beautiful hikes in Martinique!

The Caravelle is located in La Trinité and is a nature reserve. You have probably already heard about it because it is one of the most stunning places in Martinique. This hike, known as the Circuit of the Ponds, is a must-see during your stay on the island.

Accompanied by your professional guide, Erick, you will be able to tour the Caravelle Nature Reserve. This reserve covers an area of 42 hectares. It is located on the Atlantic coast, where it extends about ten kilometers into the ocean. Due to its position, you will discover a specific ecosystem of a dry forest. Indeed, unlike the rest of the island, this part receives less rainfall, making its landscapes particularly interesting to explore.

Immerse yourself for half a day in this breathtaking scenery and discover the chosen land of birds! You will be impressed by the magnificent views of the cliffs and savannas. This hike, one of the most beautiful on the Island of Flowers, offers a diversity of landscapes that is simply remarkable. During the walk, you will also be able to see the Caravelle Lighthouse, built in 1861.

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Salines-Savane des Pétrifications Hike: A Journey into the Contrasting Landscapes of Martinique!

Discover the Salines-Savane des Pétrifications hike in Martinique, a unique experience for nature lovers. This spectacular trail begins at the white sandy beaches of Salines, one of the island’s most beautiful. As you progress, you’ll traverse a biodiverse nature reserve with breathtaking panoramas. The landscape changes rapidly, from lush vegetation to an arid and desert-like scenery. Marvel at the fascinating rock formations that give Savane des Pétrifications its unique character. This hike promises an unforgettable adventure, blending natural beauty with geological discovery.

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The Canal des Esclaves: a hike at the heart of Martinique’s history!

As its name suggests, the Canal des Esclaves was built by slaves in the 18th century. This hike will immerse you in the heart of Martinique’s history. During your excursion, you will discover an exceptional fauna and flora. You’ll encounter freshwater crabs and tropical trees, surrounded by tranquility. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings while listening to insights from your guide, Betty. Located in Carbet, northern Martinique, the trail offers views of private flower plantations boasting magnificent colors like Birds of Paradise and Porcelain Roses. Once again, this hike promises rich emotions and discoveries!

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