Massage on the beach with tiki torches

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The gentleness of a massage, at the pace the waves breaking in a sunset glow ? No, you’re not dreaming, it’s possible ! Come and try this serenity bubble, relieve your anxiety and all your body tension.

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A massage on the beach with tiki torches is a new way of enjoying the sound of the nature getting rid of the stress of the day!

Karell, your qualified massage therapist, will help you enjoy the benefits offered by Swedish and Californian massages, in Martinique! It’s about a deep and energetic massage alternating with light pressures and sweet covering moves. This massage will help your body regain a source of energy and inner peace.

The gentleness of the massage mixed with the strength of the hands will provide you a unique well-being feeling ! And well, the scenery set up on the beach, will invite you to a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Change of scene guaranteed, in the middle of the day, or in the late afternoon !

Please take note that the masseur is a man and that there is no duet massage possible since the massage can only be done to one person at the time!

NB: If you choose a time slot in the morning, they will be no tiki torches but you will still be able to enjoy the relaxing waves sound and the splendid view!

All you have to do now, is booking your massage o the beach and enjoy.


  • Price : 60€ per hour
  • Place : Le Diamant
  • Availability: Daily on appointment
  • Make sure you have : Swimsuit


Please note:

The booking section allows you to send your request without making a payment. We will get back to you to confirm your reservation with the payment link and many useful information regarding your trip (schedules, location, etc.).


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