Fort de France viewpoints by golf buggy

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Photo lovers, this visit is for you! Let’s discover another “Fodfans” together on a tour of its extraordinary points of view! These heritage and memorial places are indeed full of history and offer a breathtaking view of the lower town and the city center.

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Fort Saint-Louis, Pointe des Nègres, Calvaire, and the Lumina Tower are places which have shaped the history of Martinique and its capital Fort de France. The historical monuments are witnesses of an architectural era which attests to the urban ingenuity of the inhabitants. Added to this is the usefulness of their locations. Indeed, today, they are exceptional viewpoints of Fort de France but at the time, this extraordinary panorama had a military and political utility.

In addition, it is a beautiful chronological representation of the construction of Fort de France, formerly Fort Royal, including the history of one of its first buildings, Fort Saint-Louis. Then, Pointe des Nègres which was an important memorial site. Calvary which was built during the modern era. Finally, the Lumina Tower, a contemporary building which sets the tone for the urban orientation of the new Fort de France.

We pick you up on the Malécon, to discover the panorama of the Baie des Flamands with Fort Saint-Louis. Then, we go up to Pointe des Nègres to observe the Foyal coast. Descent towards Calvary, where we admire the view over the lower town. We will finish with the Lumina Tower and its panorama of Baie des Flamands and even the southern mounts of the island.

It is therefore on a beautiful historical walk that we would like to take you on a journey to discover the panoramic viewpoints of Fort de France, see its urban and architectural evolution throughout history and to have a good time with a team committed to your well-being and the enrichment of your knowledge.

Boarding our golf buggies is the guarantee of cultural and historical rides aboard an environmentally friendly vehicle and a dynamic and trained “team”! The best viewpoints of Fort de France are waiting for you!



  • Price: €25.
  • Duration: 1h20.
  • Availability: Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Capacity: 5-seater golf cart.
  • Departure: From the Malecon, Baie des Tourelles or Pointe Simon. We will contact you to find out the pick up location that suits you).
  • Public: from 3 years old. Suitable for people with limited mobility.
  • What to bring with you: comfortable shoes, water bottles, caps, sunglasses and good mood!


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2 reviews for Fort de France viewpoints by golf buggy

  1. Lisa

    Nice, I would not have be hable to see so much without the buggy, because the downtown is big and it’s very hot in Martinique.

  2. Mike

    We loved it! My wife and I got to enjoy exploring the city streets protected from the sun! It felt nice to be able to see the differents attractions like the market, or the library without walking a lot. Would recommand!

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