Martinique tourism: two words that go well together

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Going to Martinique for tourism is undoubtedly a great idea! If you’re considering a vacation on the “Island of Flowers” and are preparing to buy your tickets, numerous reasons attract tourists to spend a few days or even weeks in Martinique. You, too, might be tempted by this extraordinary experience. You want to explore Martinican gastronomy, culture, wildlife, and flora. During your vacation, everything is possible! It’s up to you to choose which activities will tempt you the most. After reading this article, you’ll be thrilled at the prospect of visiting Martinique!

Tourism in Martinique: Discover the beauty of the Island of Flower

Let’s start with exploring Martinican gastronomy. You may have already tasted some of our traditional dishes. Indeed, codfish fritters (accras de morue) are a well-known specialty of our island. But there’s more to discover! Tourism in Martinique also offers the opportunity to learn about our local specialties. Have you ever tried banana fritters (pâté banane), avocado salad with salted cod (féroce d’avocat), and other culinary delights? You can explore these dishes through various excursions offered by Beyond the Beach, which blend island discovery, culture, and gastronomy.  

Embark on a culinary journey through downtown Fort-de-France. It’s a great opportunity to explore the streets of our capital and historical landmarks such as the former Palace of Justice and the Schœlcher Library. In small groups, you’ll also have the chance to taste artisanal ice creams, sugarcane juice, and local sweets. Indeed, what could be better than combining discovery, pleasure, and fun on this walking tour? If you enjoy exploring new cultures and cities while sampling local specialties, you can make it happen through tourism in Martinique.

For this, you can also opt for another outing offered by Beyond the Beach. Guetty invites you to her apartment to taste refined Martinican dishes. Discover her velvet chayote soup with shrimp, her conch curry (colombo de lambis), or her sea urchin dish. All these delicious dishes are accompanied by an aperitif. You have the choice between a punch, homemade liqueurs, or local juices! Enjoy your meal!

Tourism in Martinique: sea, sun, and rum!

Martinique is also famous for its rum! Whether you’re passionate about this beverage or not, you can make the most of your stay by learning about its production. Visit a distillery and delve into every step of rum-making at Habitation du Simon. From harvesting sugarcane in the fields to pressing it in traditional mills, from distillation to aging, you’ll uncover the secrets behind crafting extraordinary rums. It’s undoubtedly an exceptional outing for anyone, whether traveling alone or in a group, who is visiting Martinique for tourism.

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And why not enjoy the serenity of a massage to the rhythm of the waves? Lying at the edge of the beach, you will enjoy a magnificent view and a sunset while receiving a massage. The beach has been set up for this occasion, and the setting invites relaxation and rest. Karell, your certified massage therapist, will introduce you to the Swedish Californian massage, which is a firm and vigorous massage. At the end of this session, you will feel completely rested and relaxed!

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Come discover Martinique’s nature by strolling through the Balata Garden

There are many opportunities to discover the richness of Martinique’s nature. Known for its mangroves and tropical trees, Martinique is definitely worth a visit.

During your stay, enjoy some unforgettable land excursions. Now is the perfect time to discover the Balata Garden nestled in the heart of Martinique’s forest. The magic of this place will make this excursion one of the most beautiful discoveries you will experience during your stay in Martinique. The garden is organized around the family estate with typical Creole architecture designed by Jean-Philippe Thoze. Imagined by this passionate horticulturist and landscapist, you will explore hundreds of tropical flowers and plants.

You come to Martinique to rest and relax. It’s also the perfect place on earth to harmonize with the island’s majestic nature. Take a walk among the trees of the Balata Garden on a suspended bridge between towering mahoganies. From up there, the view is even more beautiful, and you will surely capture splendid landscapes. Don’t forget your camera!

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Tourism in Martinique: Explore the Ocean

Furthermore, tourism is important in Martinique because this island also has another treasure to offer: its ocean! To discover it, why not choose one of our many excursions? There’s something for every taste.

What could be better than discovering Beyond the Beach’s sea excursions? The fauna and flora are exceptional in Martinique. The ocean is breathtaking, offering you the chance to freely admire various animal species, such as numerous colorful fish. Spend an entire day aboard a motorboat, navigating these turquoise waters. You’ll embark on a journey to encounter dolphins and whales. Moreover, you can also snorkel to discover sea turtles, beautiful fish, and starfish.

You can also opt for a kayaking excursion in Le Robert. This will be your chance to explore the mangroves, islets, and white sand bottoms. Yes, Martinique offers many beautiful landscapes to admire from your kayak. Of course, there are plenty of options both on land and at sea. The best thing to do is to take a look at our various excursions on Beyond the Beach will make your vacation dreams come true in Martinique!

Book your activities in Martinique now and experience unforgettable adventures on our paradise island. Contact us for more information and plan your stay with us!

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