Top 3 botanical gardens in Martinique

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If you are thinking about visiting Martinique, it would be inconceivable not to visit its botanical gardens. You may already know that Martinique is renowned for its particularly rich fauna, home to very rare animal species. But also for its exotic plants and fruits that you won’t find anywhere else. At, we offer you the opportunity to visit the most beautiful gardens that Martinique has to offer. In today’s article, we will tell you about the top 3 gardens to visit in Martinique. We must warn you: expect to be amazed!

The gardens of Martinique have the reputation of being the most beautiful in the world. That is an understatement, indeed. Why? Because the greenery of Martinique is as rich as it is abundant, and the island’s inhabitants take proper care of it. Thus, every inhabitant of Martinique has their own small garden that they maintain daily. Some have gardens larger than their houses. And it is precisely these gardens that we invite you to discover with us!

The Creole Gardens in Martinique

Jardin de Balata Located near Fort-de-France, the Jardin de Balata is a true haven of greenery. With its thousands of species of tropical plants, its water lily ponds, and its suspended walkways, it offers a total immersion into Martinique’s biodiversity. Visitors can admire a wide variety of exotic flowers, majestic trees, and fluttering hummingbirds.

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Habitation Clément In addition to being a renowned rum distillery, Habitation Clément is home to an exceptional botanical garden. The palm-lined paths, vast lawns, and contemporary sculptures make this place a perfect blend of nature and culture. Visitors can stroll among plant species typical of the Caribbean while discovering the history and Creole architecture.

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Le Jardin du Zoo de Martinique, located at Habitation Latouche in Carbet, offers a unique experience combining wildlife discovery and botanical exploration. This historic site, established in the 18th century, houses a zoo featuring a wide variety of exotic animals, including jaguars, monkeys, tropical birds, and reptiles. Visitors can stroll through trails lined with lush tropical plants, admire historic ruins integrated into the landscape, and relax near peaceful waterfalls and ponds. Le Jardin du Zoo de Martinique is an ideal place for families and nature enthusiasts, offering a total immersion into the island’s biodiversity and history.

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Experience a sensory and sensitive journey in the heart of the Creole garden.

In addition to discovering all the treasures of this Creole garden, at, we have aimed to go even further. Indeed, accompanied by our Martinique specialist, we offer you an extraordinary sensory experience. An experience through which you will establish a deep connection with the spirit of these Martinique gardens. As you know, these Creole gardens are home to multiple species of rare birds. But also trees and plants that cannot be found elsewhere.

With your 5 senses, we invite you to commune with the soul of the Creole garden through a series of enjoyable exercises. First, your hearing will be engaged. By closing your eyes, you will appreciate each sound produced by the garden’s breath. Wind rustling through the foliage, birdsong, fluttering of butterfly wings… It’s a meditation session in communion with the spirit of the Creole garden. Your host will provide you with information about bird songs and teach you to distinguish between each one.

Next, it’s time to engage your sense of sight. Your host will draw your attention to the magnificent colors of the garden. It’s an opportunity to discover the shimmering feathers of some birds and the exotic colors of various flowers. Through touch, you’ll be able to feel the gnarled trunks of trees and the delicateness of the flowers. The experience concludes with your sense of smell, allowing you to breathe in and savor all the scents emanating from this extraordinary garden.

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