Hiking tour at the Caravelle peninsula – town of La Trinité

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Erick, our professional guide will take you on the hiking trail of the Caravelle peninsula. Discover its numerous bird species, enjoy breathtaking views over the cliffs and savannas as well as the geological richness of the peninsula.

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The Caravelle is located on the Atlantic coast, in the town of La Trinité.

It is a peninsula of about ten kilometers long into the ocean. The very end of the peninsula is now a protected natural reserve. Because of its geographical situation it is less rainy than the rest of Martinique and has therefore a particular dry ecosystem. The diversity of its landscapes is very interesting. The hiking trail “Circuit des mares” we take you to goes though almost the totality of the reserve and starts with a shady and stony way though the forest. Observe the Lighthouse of La Caravelle (149 meters high) built in 1861 when Napoleon III was ruling France. The view all along this hiking trail is absolutely beautiful.

The hiking tour of the Caravelle natural reserve is one of the best hikes to do in the island !


  • Price: € 29.50
  • Location: town of La Trinité
  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Level: 2 (medium)
  • Distance: about 5 kilometers
  • Difficulty: mainly under the sunshine
  • Danger: none
  • To bring: good hiking shoes or sneakers, 2 liter of water, a hat, sunscreen, snacks.
  • The English level of Eric is intermediate



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