Private Chef all sectors in Martinique

From: 80,00 

Our Private Chef offers to cook in your kitchen the dishes you previously decide along with him for any special occasion or just to treat yourself! Several culinary specialties are available: Caribbean, French, African, Asian cuisine or any other from all around the word. The choice is yours!

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Would you like to discover local cuisine, or from elsewhere, for a special occasion or simply to make your daily life easier? We have the solution for you! Book a private chef in Martinique at home who will elaborate the menu with you, then take care of the shopping, the preparation of the dishes, the table service, as well as the complete cleaning of your kitchen at the end of the service (as if we didn’t never came!). He can also give you good cooking tips!

For the breakfast, a brunch, the lunch, the dinner, a reception (maximum of 40 people), a cocktail dinner, or for the preparation of the meals of the week… whatever the occasion, do not hesitate to call on our chef!


Example of a menu:

Starter: Pumpkin velouté with Espelette pepper and conch spring roll

Main course: Semi-cooked fresh tuna steak and yam risotto; grilled lobster…

Dessert : Sweet potato and chocolate fondant cake



  • Price: From  €80 per person with a full three course meal with service ( The rate depends on the amount of dishes or appetizers, the number of guests and your home location)
  • Complementary option
    •  Beverage Option : the rate depends on the beverage selection (special barman’s creation, champagne, alcohol, fresh juice)
  • Availability: Everyday
  • Location: At the place you wish
  • Important information: let us know all food allergies in advance.
  • Please let us know if you require an English spoken chef


Contact us by email at for all your requests, we will make you a quote adapted to your needs.


Learn how to cook a local menu with our culinary workshops HERE.


Please note:

The booking section allows you to send your request without making a payment. It’s totally normal if after you selected the service preferred and the number of guests; the total in display is still 0.  We will get back to you to discuss about your reservation thanks to contacts details you completed.


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